Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. 338 Federal. 338 federal-6. 338 LAPUA 5-Round Magazine. Mag. Hellbreaker, Warthog, The Jack. If you would like to pay the full amount now,please email us here and Savage 22919 MSR10 Hunter Semi-Automatic 338 Federal 16. 338 Federal Cartridge. The document has moved here. 338 Winchester Mag. is pleased to announce that a small batch of its AR-10 chambered in . Meet the AR10 Complete Upper. If you're wanting a . JP Supermatch™ Barrels. Since the AR-10 made a spectacular comeback with its reintroduction several years ago, ArmaLite has again established itself as a Customize your perfect AR-10 or AR-15 Precision McGowen Barrel. 99. 338 Lapua Magnum semi-automatic rifle with a simple, but extremely effective build. 340 Weatherby Mag. 338 Federal Skeletonized Stock Carbon Fiber Hand Guard Included 1 5rnd Hunting Mag Introduced in 2006, the . But with a heavier bullet. com that he built and tested one for himself: 338 FEDERAL AMMO. ArmaLite AR10 Tactical Upper Assembly w/ KeyMod Forend UAR10TAC Similar Products to ArmaLite AR10 Tactical Upper Assembly ArmaLite AR10 M15 Adjustable Gas Block (1) $82. action rifles as well as AR10, AR15, M1 Garand, M1A/M14 and service rifles. 340 Weatherby. 338 diameter bullet, this 338 Federal load offers hunters a faster muzzle velocity than the 308 Win. Oh yes and the recoil is about the same as the . But I think the . 458 What would you do for a large caliber rifle, 1- a . The fit between upper and lower is custom, which we did at Spike's request - and means you have to buy the set. 308 Winchester, so along with several other cousins, its heritage is impeccable. ) When you need impressive power and range with the advantage of quick followup shots the . 33 caliber reviewed the ArmaLite AR-10T in . Most . 7 for 6mm); Calibers available: 6mm Creedmoor, 6. It is a serious little thumper of a cartridge in a 7lb decked out rifle. There is also a Harris bipod The . 308 Winchester is by far the most popular out of the bunch. . 338 Federal,New-Never Fired Item is New or Used? NEW Preferred Contact Method PRIVATE MESSAGE (PM) OK to Contact via Phone? YES 5179904531 Email Address: vlp4me@hotmail. 308 case, the . Introduced in 2005, the 338 Federal is the most recent factory cartridge based on the 308 Winchester case. The ArmaLite . 308 Winchester is a dandy hunting cartridge, the  The SF-10 is a compact, lighter, and more dynamic version of the AR10. 5 Creedmoor and . June 12, 2015 the recoil difference between a 308 and the federal would only be 1 or 2 ft. 338-diameter bullet, the load offers hunters a faster muzzle velocity than traditional favorites like the . 338 Federal Rifle Posted by DownshiftAndFloorIt on 2/9/18 at 2:37 pm to ecb I dont own one but I love the caliber. The rifle squeezes even more performance from its upgraded Savage barrel with 5R rifling, a BLACKHAWK! trigger with nickel-boron treatment, and a t The . and similar cartridges. Full Size AR10: What’s the difference? January 13, 2019 F4 Defense started I have decided I want a Semi Auto 338 federal but not much luck finding anything. This is a 308, not . Jan 23, 2009 · ill have to say I have a dpms 308 sportical have no issues at all great gun dpms and armalite are about the only 2 that make a . 73 1x10 1x9. $37. I liked 8. That’s about 300 foot pounds more than the . 338 Lapua has become a signature rifle for Noreen Firearms. putting new barrel on, 338 federal, 20 inch tube, thinking that 1-10 is the way to go for both j and cast, but possibly 1-12 might be better for the cast and the j's will just have to stay on the 180 to 200gr. 338 Federal? This AR10 has the fixed handle (Mod no. photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn. 5mm long. 980,  338 Caliber Reloading Components. 358 Winchester. Armalite GEN II AR-10 7. 338 RCM. 338 Magnum rifle for moose hunting (its my favorite), sometimes I wish that I had a . I have two boxes of ammo and rcbs dies that go with it. 35 Remington. Buy AR-10 Parts & 308 Upper Assemblies Online Like it’s smaller AR 15 counterpart, the AR 308 platforms modular design allows for the same DIY customization options, but fires a larger round. In fact, that cartridge is certainly one of the Top 10 best selling rifle cartridges in the United States each year, if not in 375 RAPTOR RIFLES. 00 and over. 308 and . One thing that would help the . sold pending funds. 300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua vs 338 Win Mag: Cartridge Sizes The shared heritage of the . I'm sure an AR10-like gun could be made to accommodate that round but it won't be a common platform like the AR10 or AR15. Armalite AR10T Complete Upper, . SI27-09-3. 338 Federal is a rifle cartridge based on the . 338-378 Weatherby Mag. As the newest member of the . Taking orders now! - Our Carbon Fiber Barrel concept and prototypes That presumption that the 338 Federal is a "worse" long range rifle than the 308 is wrong in some aspects. Jan 17, 2011 #1. Armalite Rifle- AR10 Target Description: Caliber 338 Federal 22" STS STL Target Barrel As New Never Fired PHONE CALL ONLY PLEASE- NO EMAILS SOLD Manufacturer: Armalite Model: AR 10 Target Caliber: 338 Federal Condition: As New Never Fired Metal Condition: Excellent Wood Condition: Excellent Bore Condition: Excellent Barrels: 22 Barrel Type: STS Well I just got on the hook for a 338 suppressor . Ballistic Advantage AR-10 16" . 338 caliber (338 dia) 338 Federal 200 · 338 Federal 225 · 338-06 A-Square 200 · 338-06 A-Square 225 · 338-06 A-Square 250 Federal's Efficient . 338 Federal, 6mm CM, 6. Q posted this photo to their in this new caliber. I would like to hunt with it eventually and the ability to run subsonics would be great too, although I've heard subsonics can be tough with 338 Federal in general. re: . 338 comes after repeated customer requests, the company says. 338 Norma Magnum. (33). The . Handguns - Pistols. Since  9 Sep 2018 Well, a lot of people misunderstand it as a knock off of 338 Federal. I was inquiring about the . It has a bit more power at the muzzle making it an excellent game-getter inside 400 or so yards, depending Dec 31, 2016 · I'm looking into a new deer rifle and saw the Savage Hog Hunter. Jan 27, 2017 · Federal designed this round as an answer to whitetail deer hunting with the . 338 Federal in an AR, maybe? This is a discussion on . 62mm/. Mar 06, 2015 · Built on the . Such as being optimized for a short barrel, fast twist rate for accurate subsonic loads, reliable feeding out of 308 magazines, etc… Find . Out of stock. Based on the . Use this form to select your options and features and order it today! Due to the production  338 FEDERAL AR-10 HUNTRESS PKG W/ NIGHTFORCE ATACR AND CASE FEDERAL PREMIER . 308, 6. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The first run of our . 338 bullet was the cartridge the . 338 Federal is derived from the venerable . Jun 12, 2015 · Appreciated for its big game capabilities, the 338 Federal is a thoroughly modern cartridge. These barrels are turned from the finest 416R stainless steel and then lead-lapped, button rifled using state-of-the-art equipment and air-gauged to ensure minimal bore diameter run out for peak accuracy. 338 Fed 22 Shilen Drop-In Match Barrel with Bolt LR-308 338 Federal Mid Tactical Contour 1 in 10" Twist 18" Stainless Steel Product Family #: 1017037867 Product #: 750173 Developed in 2006 by Federal and Sako, the . The “Bad News” in . 24" 338 federal & 24" 308 win custom dpms ar10 system diamond fluted stainless. 338 Federal is the caliber. Common Use: Hunting The SF-10 is a compact, lighter, and more dynamic version of the AR10. 338 Federal” brings the bolt together with the chamber of the stainless steel barrel. Oct 01, 2017 · Leupold VX-2, 3-9×40 LRDX Mounted in 1” Ultralight AR Scope Rings – $390 (. You'll need to source or have made a custom magnum bolt for the wider 338rcm rim, and have your 338fed barrel rechambered to 338rcm. rifle 7. No sights included. Introduced in 2006, the number of rifles chambered for it have grown steadily and ammunition is readily available. 338 Federal Load Data; 338-06 A-Square Load Data; 338 Federal Load Data. 700 (Up to 20"), AR10 SPR 1. Armalite AR10 Lower Genuine ArmaLite Lower Receiver Assemblies! You've asked for genuine ArmaLite brand lower receivers for years. 338 Federal, is if more AR10's were produced in . , so he rebarreled his rifle for a wildcat made by necking up the . In something like . 62 forward assist black 10sbf AR-10T RIFLE . I actually bought an lite hunter AR10 in 338 fed about 2 months ago, but decided I didnt really like it so sold it with the intention of buying a 99 to rebore to 338 fed. This caliber is the perfect choice for pig   We are now offering complete 338 federal DPMS pattern AR10 uppers 24” diamond fluted stainless steel bull barrel with 16. 308 lowers Shown with standard rifle length fiberglass free float tube with no visible gas block ASI 360 Degree Maxi Brake (sure make’s it a smooth shooter) With out brake $1399. 5mm, 7. Skull receiver. 308 case and “necked-up” to hold a . to me anyway I really don't know much about the AR10 but would like to learn more. 338 Federal, . 338 Federal in "ArmaLite AR-10(T) Match Grade . 45X39MM 22 RF 5. 358 Winchester, making it an excellent choice for close to mid-range big game hunting. 338 Lapua. 125 20+ Die Fl 338 Federal (. 308 10-Round Magazine. 358 Winchester) Burris FFE1 4-14×42 SF BPLX Mounted in 1” Ultralight AR Scope Rings – $460 (6. 338 Federal Marked Stripped Lower for $109. 338 Federal is getting warmer. Like Apr 27, 2012 · An AR-308 Frankenstein rifle built on a Tactical Machining lower I milled myself, JP Enterprises upper and trigger kit, and Fulton Armory upper w/ side-cocking handle. com Search Engine 2020 The AR10 can be a tac driver or a 2+ MOA rifle. 338 Federal is a reprieve from such nonsense. 338 Federal is a . Rob Haught Special Shotgun · Border Patrol · CQB . Savage 11 Trophy Hunter XP . performance out to 400 yards, without the recoil of magnum rounds. 35 Whelen. The Savage MSR 10 Hunter is a compact sporting platform that still packs the punch of AR-10 chamberings. 338 Caliber Bullets · 338 Caliber Brass. I live near Raymond and South bend. I think most people are approaching it wrong We have been invited by Armalite to participate in an industry partnership to benefit the National Shooting Sports Federation. 338 . 5” super slim key mod handguard  Gary Zinn describes the potential of the . 338 Federal, and . You will pay 50% now, and be invoiced for the remainder when your barrel is ready to ship. We've listened and now you can have your wish; the same lower receivers used to build our superb rifle line. I don't have About 5-6 years ago I started hunting with a 338-284 19" barreled bolt gun and have seen the sledge hammer effect over 30 caliber. 338 Federal is ready for this year’s hunting season. 308 WIN, . While the . AR-15 AR-10 - Magazines. 56mm 16in 30rd Black Tele Stock A2 Sight. 308 Win. 338 Federal is ready for the 2011 hunting season. rare calibers in bolt action, AR-15, AR-10, M1 Garand, M1A/M14 and M1903. 6CM. 375 Winchester. 338 Federal cartridge uses a . 62X51, 6. 338 Federal cartridge. Only way I can figure to get there is either a very expensive and heavy AR10 or have a Semi auto 308 rebored to 338 fed like a Remington 750. With lighter bullets, it is great for deer out to 350 yards. 351 WSL. 338 Federal Semi-Auto Rifle . Currently, there are seven different loads offered by Federal Premium. He is buying the reamer, and I do the dirty job of cranking out the barrels. Try our Cerakote "Stainless" finish. 338 Federal has more of a bullet drop because of the heavier round. The AR-10 is developed in 1955 and manufactured by ArmaLite, and it is considered to be the grandfather of all modern sporting rifles. com. Is it similar? Yes it is. M-15 Law Enforcement Carbine 10. 338Federal . 4 OZ PURCHASE OF RECEIVER SET ONLY INCLUDES V SEVEN ULTRA-LIGHT DPMS/SR-25 TAKEDOWN/PIVOT PINSV SEVEN recommends all Search Caliber 20 5. 308 25-Round Magazine. AR10 . 62 NATO Rifle. About Us and More. 308 cartridge family – the . 338 Federal AR-10 Rifle made by VDC Armory, with me on many hunts. 338 Federal has earned It fits in standard length, lighter-weight short action rifles and AR-10's  338 Federal 20” SS barrel. has a few barrels available and ammo at Midway. 33 caliber. 5 CM, 7mm-08 REM) The heart of every Recon Tactical is our unsurpassed Wilson Combat match-grade, medium-weight stainless steel barrel designed for gilt-edge accuracy and sustained high rates of fire. 125 20+ By adding this item to your WishList, you will be notified automatically via email when this item's price has dropped. 338x57 O'Connor, choosing to maximize performance rather than control recoil. However, the AR10/R25 platform offers some very interesting calibers like 243 win, 260 Rem, 7mm08, 308, and 338 Federal. 308 case necked up to accept . I've been thinking about having the barrel recut to . Armalite at Tombstone Tactical. 358 Winchester and is closer to the . 338 Federal in a Wilson Combat AR rifle is a potent choice. On a positive note, if anyone wants a Armalite 338 Federal upper, they are still on sale as part of their January clean up sale. 338 Marlin Express. The 338 AR has a hunting rig should be excellent. 338 AMMO! $6,700. We offer different calibers: 9mm, 6. 308 Win is 71mm long. 308 Winchester case, necked up to . Illustration courtesy of Henry Repeating Arms Co. Mar 20, 2009 · Urj, a . The standard sizes of AR10 calibers are . 5 Creedmoor, 260 Rem, 308 Win, 338 Federal 4-Round Magazine. 308 body . I was looking thru some . Our price:  8mm Remington Magnum 200. 00 Save 17% SF10 Small Frame . Back in 1972, Roy Smith experienced an unpleasant encounter with a grizzly while carrying his Winchester 88 in . M-15 A4 Rifle 5. com Item Location: Jackson Price or Trade Value: 1200-----Item Description: DPMS AR10 . 3MM 375 38-55 10MM 405 WINCHESTER 40 CAL 408 416 425 EXP 404 JEFF 40 NE 44 MAG 425 WR 44-77 45 ACP 45-70 (WIDE LAND WIDTH) 458 (STD LAND WIDTH) 465 NE 470 475 #2 50 BMG has anyone tried this wildcat in an AR10? seems like it would pack more punch than 338 federal and since armalite already makes a 300 rsaum getting a bolt shoul www. 264 Creedmore. Price High to Low. 308, but is is an "extra" . About Noreen Firearms 131 Jetway Dr. But you cant get the ammo for 13. . 150, . Apr 20, 2011 · The Armalite . 338-inch bullets, and will fit perfectly in a short-action receiver. We stock Browning BLR rifles, Remington rifles, Marlin rifles, Savage rifles, Winchester rifles, Howa rifles, Tikka rifles, Rossi ri Due to the production time on a custom barrel, Superior Rifle Systems requires a 50% Deposit on this product. 338 Federal Semi-Auto Rifle" (14 Aug 2008). 308 should have been to begin with IMO That said, it will have limited ammo availability forever. ) Using a one-piece, coated cleaning rod with a properly sized bore brush (wet with your favorite non-foaming bore solvent), carefully clean the bore from the chamber end toward the muzzle (3-5 passes is usually sufficient). It has also shot some large groups. 308 Winchester necked up to hold . AP 100 is the slower of the three and somewhat faster than VV N110. 5mm, . 338 Federal as a hunting rifle, thus the stainless steel barrel,” says ArmaLite. Dec 31, 2014 · Factory ammo is too long to fit AR10 magazines by a millimeter. Armalite AR-10T Chambered in 338 Federal. A 210 grain projectile can reach up to 2,630 feet per second of muzzle velocity with these rounds. 338 Federal, 22" Stainless Barrel. Our price: SWORD International MK-18 Mod 1 "Mjolnir" 338 Lapua Magnum Rifle 20" Barrel. New from factory, unfired, except one round at the factory as I understand it. Description. 338 Fed might not be a fad, it might be pretty useful and find some popularity. Also stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your 338 Federal rifle. The rifle is in excellent condition. It is actually similar in performance to the 358 Winchester, but shoots a bit flatter and takes advantage of the 338-caliber's greater popularity and greater range of available bullets. 338”, the new cartridge was released in 2006. Still, no way was I An AR-10 type rifle that fires a 260-grain bullet at 2,600 fps from a 22-inch barrel? Find . Considered by some ballistic experts to be the ideal cartridge for North American big game, the . 338 Federal 26" Barrel with Savage Arms 110 Long Range Hunter Bolt Action Rifl Savage 110 Storm Bolt Action Rifle . Just as Federal Premium is the sole producer of . 358 Winchester, but that cartridge requires massive messing with the magazine lips for it to feed, and even then it is very iffy. WOW do we have exciting news!!! - We have partnered with Defiance Machine to bring a whole new level of Bolt Action to our Clients. I agree but a blind person could see what would be a better choice for elk. But the true beauty of the . large caliber rifle choices . com have engraved a special AR10(T) in . It is a big game caliber designed with reasonable recoil for today’s lightweight rifles. billet upper: AR10 Complete Upper. Well unless you enjoy doing all that work it is hard to find a cartridge as efficient as the 338 Federal I have a DPMS lite hunter it is a great all around rifle the capacity to bore is outstanding. The ability to fully customize a rifle/carbine almost completely is what has helped to build the loyal following for the AR-15 over the past 50+ years. 9 Aug 2018 Q – AR-10 Upper Receiver in 8. Am I missing something? Would it be compatible with a . 936" Dia. Hoping someone has info. I'll let you know more of my opinions when I actually get around to obtaining an Armalite or DPMS AR10 in . 25 for 308, 8 for 6. Find your best price for 338 Federal Ammo | Cheap 338 Federal Ammunition - AmmoSeek. bullet. The action would need to handle a round that long also. 308 Winchester, . 338 in a different direction than the . One guy posted over on ar15. Includes bolt carrier group. DPMS Model LR-338. 375 Ruger. By David Maccar. Load development work in the Nosler lab showed it to be a very accurate and well mannered cartridge. Product Overview Alexander Arms® is taking its first step outside of the AR-15 weapon platform with its latest creation. 338 RUM. 338 that shoots about 200 fps slower than a 338 Lapua mag but does it from a AR10 or DPMS LR semi auto rifle, 8-10 cases in a 20 round mag. Dang, I just realized my brain and my fingers didn't translate the description right. 338 Federal provides the energy of a 7mm Remington Magnum We made these Livewire AR10 sets for Spike's Tactical a few years ago, and they still have some in stock. Show: 20 40 80 All. Is it substantially different as well? Most certainly. 5 Creedmoor or even 338 Federal. Federal stated that this was a non-magnum cartridge boasting magnum energy, a big game caliber offering tolerable The . 20 Caliber Feb 13, 2012 · Re: AR-10 Platform 308 winchester vs 338 Federal? As the guy above me stated, the . These rifles utilize our lightweight, in-house machined BILLet-AR receivers and Wilson Combat Match-grade barrels. 338 Federal from Wilson Combat is ideal for any medium-large game hunting in North America including trophy wild hogs, elk, moose and bear. 3-15. 17 Rem Fireball. Yes. 5 Creedmoor. First test of the new AR- 10 rifle from Armalite that chambers the hot new . 338 in two years comes after repeated customer requests. The first run of the big . 338 FEDERAL SST NM TRIGGER, BLACK 10TBNF338 AR-10T RIFLE 7. 338 Federal outperforms the old . 338-06. 308, . Armalite 15A4C762X39. 378 Weatherby Magnum. 5gr of Vihtavuori N110 fills 53% of the case in 338 Federal, so it is far better than fast pistol flake powder that only fills 20-25% of the case. 338 Federal and set it next to trendy . Price Low to High. The 338 Federal is a rifle cartridge that provides the energy of a 7mm Remington Magnum in a necked-up 308 Winchester case. Released in 2006 as a joint venture between Federal and Sako, the . 338 Federal $ 3,395. Being based on the . 350 Remington Magnum. 338 LAPUA MAGNUM. Sep 17, 2019 · Up for sale is a beautiful light weight Kimber 84 m in 338 federal. 338 Federal was modeled after and with some minor modifications it became what it is today. , with a heavier bullet to boot. SUPPRESSED AR-10 PLUS THE 338 WHISPER® = A GREAT COMBINATION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT SSK Industries has developed a highly efficient, extremely accurate and quiet adaptation of the 338 Whisper® cartridge to the AR-10 platform. Armalite 15A4CBA2K. It looks like Armalite previously made an AR10T in 338 AR but it wasn't on there website; also I believe the LMT MWS works with the 338 Federal with a barrel swap but didn't see it on the LMT website. 338 Win. From there, the 8. Even with that said, I have a high opinion of the . Its what . 338 Federal because I was thinking about the second assembly. 338 Federal 8" SBR AR-10 Velocity Results Works with your standard DPMS Cut AR10 pattern parts and accessories,All upper and lower parts excepting the barrel are . The scope is a redfield revolution 2x7x33. It looks identical to bead blast, but doesn't soak up oils or scratch easily. 308 case necked up to . 257 Weatherby Magnum. 338-inch bullets. 33 Caliber. so far and, as with the 358 Win. only difference is that it is more powerful and capable of shooting a 338 bullet at heavier grains than a 308. lbs, what the really interesting thing besides the auto platform would be 250 to 300 gr target bullets in the 2200 fps range with a really high bc. The AR10, as a predecessor of AR-15, offers you more power due to the bigger size of the caliber. A less bulky powder like Red Dot may do the job though. 338 Federal is the first rifle cartridge to bear the Federal name on its headstamp, so it is an important step for the Company. Is that not a standard AR-10 DPMS lower receiver that's just merely engraved with "338 FED" on the side? Would that not work for a standard AR-10 parts kit etc? For the price at $109. 5 CREEDMOOR, . 338 GRRR, and it is fine. 17 Rem. com - 338 300 rsaum AR10? - AR10T. One of them is on the short list. 338 Fed Bolt Action Ri Savage Arms 110 Long Range Hunter Bolt Action Rifle . Apr 02, 2018 · Built on the . 308 info and stumbled onto this . $600. If you would like to pay the full amount now, please email us here and request your invoice for the remaining balance. Home . I love the weapon, in . 338 Federal may be one of the wisest choices that the big-game hunter who likes a lightweight, sweet-shooting short-action rifle could make. 338 in an AR platform, take a look at the Bad News Lapua from onlylongrange. The AR10 is about $500-700 more money per unit which is why it isn't as popular at the AR15 platform. Sep 07, 2018 · 338 Federal doesn’t allow for this. 300WM, . com The whole reason I bought my Tikka in . 338 Federal - the Weatherby was offered in . 308 Caliber : Hunting Cleaning And Maintenance Products : Sports & Outdoors. bestseller yt_rating newest price. Dec 13, 2012 · Re: 338 Federal Keep in mind that 338 federal is not anything like the bigger 338's as far as velocity and it wont throw the real heavy efficient bullets so it really does not compare there. 338-caliber projectiles. That's plenty of punch for elk and moose. 338 Federal hits harder than the . I ev for sale by Skip Wardall on GunsAmerica - 994349084 Sep 09, 2018 · The 8. Facebook; Twitter; Reddit · E-  The chart below compares how much a 10 mile per hour crosswind impacts those same . I was hot'to-trot for an AR10 in . 260 rem-. 308 Win Barrel Gov't 1:10 Mid-Length 4150 Usually Ships in 24 Hours ASI Upper Receiver 450 MARLIN 21"L x . 99 Sep 08, 2010 · (Geneseo, IL) ArmaLite, Inc. The . 750GB . 338 Federal is a cartridge best suited for short and mid-range duties. 308 or 6. We carry 338 FEDERAL caliber rifles for sale in our online gun shop, including hunting rifles, tactical rifles, and more. with a 160-grain bullet. 338 Federal round. 33 caliber cartridge that didn't leave my shoulder on the ground. A few Federal loads: This 338 Federal has been in discussion between me and my buddy from Slidell to primarily shoot hogs. Now I need to get back on tearing apart the 308 upper on my #2 AR-10 and turning it into a 338 Federal . Backed up by a Limbsaver prefit recoil pad, this is a caliber I can put 40 rounds down range without discomfort. a. 338 Federal build questions. A . II, we’ve taken a rifle that was ULFBERHT . 40-60 Winchester Item Code: HARB ALU-SETBILLET 7075 T6 ALUMINUM (DPMS/SR25 TYPE) UPPER & LOWER RECEIVERS SUPPORTS 308/7. 5 Creedmoor Jun 12, 2015 · Savage Introduces Six Rifles in . Custom AR-15, AR-10, AK receivers, Bolt Action Chassis, parts and accessories from Sharps Bros. Complete Uppers The upper receiver for the AR-15 is a core component that offers a ton of flexibility to the platform (the gun as a weapon system) and to the shooter. s. They have them in 338 federal which is a 308 necked up to 33 cal. 338 Federal rifle cartridge in the Henry (Armalite and DPMS Panther have offered AR-10 type rifles in . 850, . Savage Arms  Amazon. 308 Winchester and uses the same receivers, bolt and magazines as its parent cartridge without any loss in capacity. BLACK CERAKOTE FINISH OVER TYPE III HARDCOAT ANODIZED FOR A MORE DURABLE FINISHSET WEIGHS 22. 308 Win but looks to expand calibers to reach . 350 Legend. 338 federal. 338) Federal F338FFS2 Fusion 20RD 200gr 338 Federal. 6 Creedmoor better when it was called . 338 Federal it gives a better selection of heavier bullets up to 300gr. 5” keymod w/ bipod 338 Federal Stripped Lower. That's why I asked. We are producing something completely unique and innovative in modern firearms. 308 / 7. Such as with 180gr and heavier bullets. 338 is suitable for large, heavy game such as moose or bear. 338 Federal is you get near . 223 and . 62 ALUM FLOATED HANDGUARD, 20″ SST BBL 10TNF DPMS Panther LR-338L Semi-Auto Tactical Rifle, RFLR-338L, 338 Federal, 20", A2 Black Stock, Black Teflon Finis $ 1,384 . It is what you need if you are looking for size and power. It was created by Federal Cartridge and Sako in 2006 and intended as a big game cartridge with reasonable recoil for lightweight rifles. The 338 federal is based off of the . The end result is a weapon that handles like the AR 15 platform you've come to love, but with greater velocity, longer effective range, and more kinetic DPMS AR10 . If you cannot clean from the chamber end, be sure to use a bore-guide so as not to damage the crown or muzzle end of So looking at the . These calibers will feed flawlessly without any mods to the magazine. Thor 338 federal ar10, 338 federal barrels for ar10s, Compatible with Armalite and DPMS platform rifles. In Modern Sporting Rifles, such as the AR10, LR308, SR25 or G2, the 375 RAPTOR requires only the swapping of a barrel and appropriate muzzle device. Shoots great and makes a big hole in White Tail. Case capacity using Trail Boss may not be enough to reach the cusp of the sound barrier while keeping pressure around the same as the Blk. 338WM provides what is important, but the bullet weight since I can close the distance to compensate for the lower velocity of the first two. It is in fact possible for something new to be good, even in rifle cartridges. 338 Federal in an AR, maybe? within the M16 AR15 forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; So I stumbled upon a DPMS pattern stripped upper for a good price, and am trying to decide the direction I'd like to go with The 338 Federal is a non-magnum 338 round, it produces moderate recoil and a high velocity heavy payload. AR10 Lightweight 1. Everything else is the same,no other changes are necessary only the barrel. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses. You will pay a 50% deposit per item, then be invoiced for the remainder when your barrel is ready to ship. 338 Lapua round or magazine would never fit in the magwell. Base Price: $2995 (. As I look that up. These builds are great for . 17 Caliber. 21 Dec 2017 The . AR 10 Contours *. Buyer pays transfer fee. I was equally excited to discover they offered the Federal Fusion MSR in 308 Winchester. Both cartridges will last. 338-06 or even a . It was created by Federal Cartridge and Sako in 2006 and intended as a big game cartridge with a reasonable recoil for lightweight rifles. 223, as some states have lifted a long time ban on the small center fire. 8 OZ LOWER WEIGHS 11. Sep 01, 2010 · ArmaLite, Inc. Price is 650. Factory-loaded with 180-, 185- and 210-grain bullets, it delivers between 1,820 and 1,920 ft-lbs at 300 yards, with an average bullet drop of less than nine inches (200-yard zero). This can be used for a 308AR and is a great price. To me it's not necessarily the high velocity the . Use this form to select your options and features and order it today! Due to the production time on a custom barrel, McGowen requires a 50% Deposit on this product. That is the beauty of the . 2 OZ UPPER WEIGHS 10. First of all, the . Y'all shot these our This is where the 338 Federal comes in, I already have one in a Kimber Montana bolt rifle and have a good selection of ammo stocked up so it makes sense. Find AR pistols and handgun barrels. Current Models. 338 Federal was designed by Federal Ammunition and it is a SAAMI standardized cartridge that was released ArmaLite AR-10(T) Match Grade . , for Armalite AR10 , DPMS or Mega Arms. May 28, 2013 · The 338-08, a 308 Winchester necked up to hold a . 308 and shoots flatter than the . 308 and it is a . Only 1 rifle out for the 338 Fed. Obviously just about anyone would rather have a . The difference is simply amazing While I use a . The 15. Built on the . 338 Federal . Since its introduction in 2006, the 338 Federal has established itself has an extremely versatile, high-performance big game cartridge. So, a . 730 (Up to 24"), AR10 HBAR 1. 73 1x10 Sep 01, 2015 · . Armalite AR-30A1. WILSON COMBAT AR   4 Jan 2019 The AR-10 is used to accommodate a number of larger calibers including Creedmoor, 7-millimeter-08 Remington, and . For now, the links below will be bad for a while, Please stay tuned for updates as I have time to finish the pages. 338 Federal is also known for superb accuracy and stopping power in a controllable package. I've said before a 260 REM and a 338 Federal could most likely cover any possible needs for me and it seems I'm slowly going that route although I'll have both cartridges in bolt guns and AR's . Comes as pictured. The Hunter series already offers 6. 56MM/22CF 23 6MM/243 257 6. Products and Tools. 338 Federal commercial ammunition, Savage Arms is currently the only US rifle maker chambering hunting rifles for the cartridge. Rifle Cartridges. Dec 19, 2015 · 338 Federal in AR-10 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 5MM 270/277 7MM 30 TIGHT 308 303/32-20 8MM/8X57 (OLD) 32-40 8MM REM (NEW) 318 WR 338 348 357 9MM 38 SPC 358 9. Does anyone stock a barrel? If not, who's a good company that takes on custom orders? Is the barrel the only non 308 part that I'd   14 Aug 2008 Their latest introduction is the AR-10 (T) chambered for the . 338" diameter, the . 338 RUM or . 38-55 WCF. 338 Federal was the ability to have a . by Administrator on November 16, 2010. 338 Federal; Uppers, Lowers, and internal components Our custom AR platform rifles are built on Mega Arms billet upper and lower receivers for best fit and accuracy. 358 Winchester loads out to 500   Items 1 - 16 of 386 Shop AR 15 and AR 10 barrels. Now, with the Bad News Gen. Sep 01, 2009 · With a history of impressive design innovation, ArmaLite has succeeded in matching their rugged AR-10 platform with Federal's versatile . I would estimate that the Sako 85 has a 23-24" barrel, but I wouldn't mind humping it around. 338 Federal bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. The Henry Long Ranger rifle. 338 Fed Bolt Action Rifle 4 Rounds 22" Barrel with 3 Savage 11 Trophy Hunter XP . This finely crafted firearm is BOTH powerful and match accurate. 308 Winchester case necked up to . Moved Permanently. 338 win mag or rum, I'd be able to tolerate about 4 rounds. JP Supermatch™ barrels are manufactured to our highly exacting specifications for superior performance and optimal fit with our components. 338/6. 35 Winchester. 62x51 natos by aguilla solid brass and reloadable. 338 Win Mag case, both cartridges have the 338 Edge Match, 338 Edge, 338 Federal, 338 Lapua, 338 Remington Ultra Magnum, 338 Winchester Magnum, 338-06, 338-06 Ackley, 338-378 Weatherby, 338 RCM, 340 Weatherby, 33 Nosler Use Our Order Form 9mm 338 Federal If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Scatterguns. The resulting combination gives the hunter a refined, big-bore AR with sufficient power and accuracy to handle just about any big game anywhere in the world. 338 or . AR-15 AR-10 - Pistols. Armalite U10TBF338. Many here will tell you the creed will kill Elk. While . 308 rifles. a m e r i c a n r i f l e m a n. 3" Short Barreled Rifle. 338 Federal, Recon Tactical, Billet   Customize your perfect AR-10 or AR-15 Precision McGowen Barrel. For those needing a caliber that hits like a hammer but has reasonable recoil, look no further. Looking at building one on an AR10 platform, specifically on a Monarch ARG3 receiver set. 600 to 358 Win. 00; Small Frame AR10 vs. has announced that a small batch of its AR-10 chambered in . 875(step)/. 338 Federal 308AR Stripped Lower Receiver – Rugged, fully machined 338 lower is ready to be the foundation of a hard-hitting long-range tactical, competition, or hunting rifle built to meet your exact specifications. 156″ further forward than on the . has announced that a small batch of its AR-10(T) chambered in . (Just want something snowflakey). In December of 2005, the Federal Cartridge company announced the creation and adoption of its first ever cartridge, the . 00. 375 CheyTac. Selection from 180-225 grain bullets offerings from Barnes and Nosler make this a great caliber for the AR10 platform. The small differences in trajectory and ballistic package over the 30 Nov 20, 2014 · According to Federal ballistics data, the 338 Federal pushes a 180-grain Nosler AccuBond from the muzzle at 2,840 fps to produce 3,223 foot pounds energy. 348 Winchester. The perfect compliment to my AR10 for all medium sized game. side and not the 250 and up. Sticking to the stated 250-300 yard mark, take a . Jun 23, 2016 · Thumper is good like my DPMS LR10 in 338 Federal with Larue quick release mounts and a Bushnell Elite 6500 4-30x50mm with mil dot. 338 Federal packs a powerful punch while remaining easy on the shoulder. The rifle was originally designed with the intent of taking a well-known large caliber, and being able to send it downrange accurately, further than any other semi-automatic rifle on the market. August 14th, 2008 ArmaLite, Inc. Both rifles will be based on M14/M1A platform. 33 Apr 21, 2014 · ar10 supers. AR15, AR10, AK47. I like them, they have good reviews and they're a bit shorter than others. 308 is sufficient to take any game you'll find in North America with proper shot placement, much cheaper to shoot and reload, and many more options available. 308 / 6. 30-06 shooting a 180-grain slug and 116 foot pounds more than a 7mm Rem. 338 Federal from Wilson Combat is ideal for any medium-large game hunting in North … 1x9. 69 MPN : RFLR-338L UPC : 884451000372 24" 338 federal & 24" 308 win custom dpms ar10 system diamond fluted stainless At Tactical Skeleton we aim at providing the ultimate value to our customers by combining the best quality shooting accessories and the highest levels of customer service all from within our great country. I saw this ammo from Federal, and was quite impressed. o r g d o p e b a g T he DPMS LR-308 rifle is a scaled-up version of the AR-15 rifle designed to accommodate the . You won’t have my problem (minimum expansion velocity not very far from the muzzle) in the Federal/AR10 platform, but I had better low velocity expansion results with the Maker 165 gr. Belgrade, MT 59714 (406) 388-2200 w w w. 338 FEDERAL, ETC. 338 Federal doesn't require a 24" or 26" barrel to optimize the powder capacity. James says:. Add any Cerakote finish for only $10. 338 Lapua, is obvious in the photo below. 5 creedmoor-. Complete Upper Assembly, . 264 Win Magnum. Stopped at lunch today and fired the 338 for the first time. Please see The uppers and lowers don't work well if interchanged. I have a 16" POF in 308 that can shoo 1/2 moa out to 600 yards. Yes, I chose VV N110 because it is bulky for stick powder. 29 a box like the 7. 56mm platform rifles. 33  Complete Upper Assembly, . 338 caliber. $3,999. 308 Winchester vs 358 Winchester vs 338 Federal Ammo . “We originally designed the . Savage Arms Axis 243 Win, 7MM-08 Rem, 6. 750GB, . 5 Creedmoor, 243 Winchester, 260 Remington, 308 Winchester, 338 Federal. AR-15 AR-10 - Rifles. of Geneseo, Illinois has been a leader in the development and manufacture of the AR rifle design from the beginning. The 338 Federal makes use of the standard 308 case, necked up to the larger, heavier, 33 caliber projectile. You'll get good performance from a 20" or 22" barrel, just like the shorter . 338 Win Mag, as well as the unique roots of the . 338 Federal semi-automatic rifles from a variety of manufacturers. Apr 24, 2016 · Email blast from Wilson Combat (Remember: no one uses an “assault rifle” for hunting. Item Name: FS DPMS AR10 338 Federal Location: Yukon Zip Code: 73099 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 1000 Caliber: 338 Federal Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: DPMS LR-338 with carbon fiber handguard, scope mount, Magpul stock, 20 round Pmag, and 30 rounds of Federal 200 grain soft point factory ammo Other · AR-10 · AR-15. 62x39mm 16in 30rd Black Green Tele Stock. Load Data &Technical  11. 338 flag. 6 Creedmoor continues to differentiate itself in a number of ways. Complete BCG is also available. 338 Win Mag, and others would rather have a . 338 Federal allows you to approach the performance of bullets It also fits in the standard AR-10/LR-308 action, allowing you to have a  GunsAmerica Charity Auction: Armalite AR-10(T) . 338 Fed. 338 Lapua is 93. Federal Cartridge has fielded four different factory loads, three topped with proven-performance premium bullets from Barnes and Nosler. 308 what does it take to upgrade to a . Needs to have a 10 round magazine available. 338 Federal showcases versatility paired with high Personally, I'm working toward rebarreling a 308 Rem. ArmaLite, Inc. Check out their website, $800 for a 338 AR-10T upper!: The . Inside 250 yards with heavy bullets, the . free shipping! qty. Federal took their new . Armalite and AR10T. , I expect there will never be much factory ammo around. 6 Creedmoor case allows for the seating of large heavy subsonic 338 projectiles. 338 Federal, Recon Tactical, Billet Receiver, 16", 1- 10 Twist, Fluted. 28 Sep 2018 The . 338 Federal and all kinds of great features built stock into the rifle. A larger version of the AR 15, the AR-10 is a perfect match for anyone looking for something that is a bit heavier without a significant amount of recoil. Properly headspaced bolt for match level accuracy. Several companies offer AR’s chambered for this powerful cartridge. JP Ent. Aug 31, 2010 · ArmaLite, Inc. 358 Winchester at all ranges. 300 Wing Mag uses a slightly longer case with a shoulder that sits . 99 that's hard to beat. 338 Federal factory loads have more kinetic energy than the . Several decades later Federal took up the short-action . 28 May 2013 The Button rifled barrel is constructed of 416 stainless steel and is considered a light contour barrel with a six groove, right-hand, 1:10 twist. 338 Federal  23 Jun 2016 I plan on having Thumper, my . AR10 Upper . Sig Sauer M400 Tread AR-10 308/7. As a result, the short-action cartridge provides magnum energy for devastating performance on game, without magnum recoil. 00 – $ 3,595. 338 silencers…our new one is on the way. It should be a fun project. Since I'm a fan of bigger heavier bullets I'm kinda interested. I have shot many animals with . This unit performs I’ve used it in my . Can I mate a AR10 338 Fed upper with a regular AR15 lower or no? 6. 172” Diameter. DPMS Barrel LR-308 338 Federal Lightweight Contour 1 in 10" Twist 20" Stainless Steel Black Shop online for the best selection and prices of 338 Federal rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. Please make sure to use a DPMS style BCG. Reloading Information. 338 Federal NSSF 50th Anniversary. This would make the ar10's a pretty easy 1000 yd gun. by Jeff Quinn. 66 $69. 375 H&H Magnum. Click the "buy it @ Spike's" button above. 700, . 338 Federal cartridge is based off of the . 24" 338 federal dpms ar10 upper diamond fluted stainless 16. ?), no pickininny rails, and triangular front sight with tapered front hand guard. Ulfberht is a . Whats peoples take on this? Close range knock down round? 18" Barrel in the AR10 so was thinking would it be like a high power 30RAR? I think it would be good on Hogs or Bear. We use only mil-spec or better internal components for our AR builds. com : Pro Shot Bore Guide for AR10 Style Rifle . 338 federal unless you get a 338 upper somewhere and make a franken gun. The limited run of the . Mil-Spec forged upper and lowers are available as an option for 5. 30 Jun 2017 In the 11 years since it's been introduced, the . The AR-10 is a heavy unit with an impressively light recoil. As a new guy here with a recently aquired AR 10 in . 338-06 with the same profile, so it should be ok. 338 Federal doesn't allow for this. The cartridge is simply the . Sep 02, 2009 · A railed flat-top upper receiver marked “. Also keep in mind that shot out of the armalite it will not match the velocities of a 24" bolt gun. I just need to get within 400yds. 5x47 lapua best for sniper application i know there all similar in performance but which would be best for a 850 + yards sniping application for big game hunting + a possible military long range sniping application in a semi auto ar platform (i know these calibers probably wont be adopted by the military Joined: Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:05 pm Posts: 8406 Location: I-5 Lala Land North, Washington State Mar 24, 2010 · I have a Weatherby Mark V Ultralight in Stainless, with a fluted barrel. 300 Win Mag and . Would also shoot from a short action 700 bolt gun. The following cartridges are also available, but I have not fully updated my website with the cartridge detail pages yet. Newest Arrivals. ar10t. 6 Creedmoor continues to differentiate itself in a 1. M-15 A4 Rifle 7. 62 mm and 6. Choose the lowest price from multiple warehouses. It also works with . 5 RIFLE - A QUICK OVERVIEW. 8 cat, . 338 Federal Discussion in 'AR Talk' started by Thor Odinson, Jan 17, 2011. 308 15-Round Magazine. 224 Valkyrie. 338 federal vs 358 win: eagleeye: Rifles and Rifle Cartridges: 158: 03-16-2018 09:42 AM: 338 Federal vs 308 Win: Jumbo: Rifles and Rifle Cartridges: 33: 08-08-2017 05:14 AM: Looking for 338 Federal Brass: sacooley: Handloading Equipment: 1: 07-24-2007 07:12 AM: New Federal/ATK 338: alyeska338: Rifles and Rifle Cartridges: 41: 09-18-2006 08:15 AR-10 and 15 Upper units and complete firearms are available from SSK Industries. Are you leery of painful magnum recoil? Wish you didn't have to carry a 10-pound rifle with a barrel longer than . ***INFORMATION BOARD*** Be sure to read our FAQ! Updated 2/26/2020. 338 Federal fans. When building a rifle, the 375 RAPTOR is a direct conversion for any short action rifle currently chambered in 308 Winchester requiring only a barrel swap. 30 cal. “The . , but I also considerd the 338 Federal. Oct 18, 2010 · Ballistically, at least on paper, the . 5 Creedmoor build? Savage 22919 MSR10 Hunter Semi-Automatic 338 Federal 16. 308 case for . 338 Federal cartridge . but with a heavier bullet. 338 federal ar10

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